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"On a daily basis, team members at Wells Fargo Funding come to work with one objective in mind - to provide you, our Correspondent clients, the best service and support possible. As we have for the past quarter century, we remain staunchly committed to serving your needs."

- Eric Stoddard, CMB, Executive Vice President

Our priorities are how we bring our vision and values to life in today's environment. By making progress in these areas, and being faithful to our vision and values, we can continue to earn the trust of our customers, help them succeed financially and be known as one of the world's best companies.

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Economic Report and Analysis

Read from our selection of regularly updated economic reports from GDP growth and interest forecasts to U.S. and international economic analysis. In addition to the overall economic reports link above, included below are direct links to economic resources you may find useful:

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DAPs - Find a list of DAPs, program overview, and other helpful information. Note that the list is your reference, it is not comprehensive, nor is it intended as a list of approved DAPs. Contact the Diverse Segments Business Development team for more information.

Helpful Tips for Special Programs - Use the Special Programs Document tool to learn more about DAPs and Resale Deed Restrictions.

Consumer Payment Challenges - If you are aware of a consumer who is having payment challenges with a Wells Fargo-serviced loan, please ask them to call (800) 678-7986 or have them visit this link.

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